PLEASE NOTE: You can reserve a ride a maximum of 1 month in advance.

If your airport is not listed, a price is possible on request.
No surcharge is charged for a second pick-up address within the same place of residence. A surcharge of € 10 per address is charged for each subsequent address (inside or outside the place of residence). This arrangement only applies within the region.
You can choose the type of taxi you want for individual airport transport, from 'without preference' to 'luxury car'.
Including children with their own seat or child's seat. This does not affect the total price, because we do not distinguish between adults and children.
1 piece of checked baggage and 1 piece of hand luggage are allowed per person. Additional luggage will incur a surcharge on top of the total amount. Additional luggage can include, for example, a pram, buggy and a (folding) bicycle as well as pets (in a crate or travel basket only possible with individual transport). Please also note the dimensions of any additional luggage.

If extra baggage has not been reported, we also have no transport obligation.

All persons must be transported in a safe manner. You must provide approved child car seats yourself, clearly labeled with your name and the date of your return flight. At the return trip, the driver will ensure that they are in the taxi again. See also our conditions

You must provide the approved child car seats yourself.

With a reverse return you first arrive at the airport and then you depart from our region towards the airport.

Afsluiting Haringvlietburg

Ons advies is om in de periode 03-06 t/m 28-07 buiten de spits te reizen en extra reistijd in te plannen in verband met de afsluiting van de Haringvlietbrug

Boekt u airportservice naar Rotterdam of Amsterdam, houdt u dan rekening met extra reistijd en een aangepast tarief voor deze luchthavens.

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